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The man of light – Peter Lik

Peter Lik was born in Australia. He took his first photo at the age of 8, after his parents gave him a Kodak camera for his birthday. The shot was of a spider web in the garden of the family home. In his youth, Lik would bring his camera on family vacations and take photos […]

The man of colour – Romero Britto

Brazilian-born and Miami-made, Romero Britto is an international artist that uses vibrant, bold and colorful patterns to reflect his optimistic view of the world around him. Britto has created a visual language of hope and happiness all its own that is relatable to all. Self-taught at an early age, Britto painted on scraps of paper […]

The man of Waves – Ray Collins

Capturing the fleeting moments of a wave’s journey to dissipation, Ray feels more at home floating in saltwater with his camera than anywhere on land. Freezing the ephemeral relationship between water and light is what drives and inspires him to clamber out of bed in the dark each morning to celebrate the sun rising over […]

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