About us

About us

World Wide Artists Gallery is a non-profit International Cultural Association.

Its main goal is to be a “cultural reality” dedicated to the development of human personality, through the culture of the expression and creativity in Arts and Crafts.

World Wide Artists Gallery is engaged in the fields of literature, music, theater, film, visual arts, protection, management and exploitation of artworks; promotion of contemporary art and development of knowledge and its diffusion, promotion of contemporary artistic culture, study, research and training concerning the material and cultural activities. Hence, fostering the trades and professions that have relevance to the culture, through the organization and diffusion of cultural events, conferences, seminars, screenings of films and documentaries, exhibitions, training or rehabilitation programs, publications, etc. Furthering the development of cultural exchange through sustained research in cooperation with other organizations, Universities and individual scholars, publication and diffusion of their research and findings.

Among its goals, we find the creation of archives, the setting up of study groups and scientific commissions, the publishing of books, documents and catalogues, the organization of exhibitions in both private and public spaces and galleries.

All our activities have the aim to encourage and disseminate the arts in general, in Italy and abroad, financially supported by the services offered, voluntarily provided by the members, in their different specializations and expertise.